The desert of Jordan // Traveling Petra and Wadi Rum

Last week I had a spontaneous and breathtaking adventure: Four days, three nights in the desert of Jordan. Spontaneous? Jordan? In a weekend-trip? Sounds a little intense for a European. Well, in case you missed it: I got lucky and get to spend my semester abroad in the amazing city of Tel Aviv. And as I have merely four months in “The Holy Land” – at least that’s what is scheduled – I obviously want to make the absolute most of it. Good enough my friends here feel the same way. Spontaneous trip to Jordan Living in Tel Aviv for five weeks on the day you might think I should’ve told you a little more about my adventures in this flourishing city. But you know how it is: you live somewhere, you get into a daily life, it all doesn’t feel as adventurous anymore. But oh believe me: it is!…