Travelguide Gothenburg


A weekend in Gothenburg // Healthy Food & Sustainable Shopping

Oh, I am crushing on Sweden big time! The food, the people, the architecture, the gloomy energy… so here it is, the first part of my Sweden Travel Guide, a take on the country’s second largest city: Gothenburg. My boyfriend is spending his semester abroad in this gem of a country (I didn’t go for it as it’s too cold for me haha) and we made getting him here a fun little road trip – my favorite way to travel! So he packed his parents car the way other people set high scores in Tetris and we hit the road to Kiel, where the car got a break already as we took an overnight ferry from here. What an adventure! The so-called Stena Line takes off at the harbor in Kiel at around 7 pm and arrives in Gothenburg at around 9 am the next morning. It has a casino,…