A weekend in Stockholm // Foodie-Heaven & Vintage Love

By now it’s no secret anymore, that I have a total crush on Swedish culture, food, design, and shopping. My fingers were prickling with the urge to write this second travel guide on Sweden about Stockholm and share some of the magic with you. I feel like the Swedes just got a hang of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle (if you cut away the amazing “kanelbulle”, their signature cinnamon rolls). So I gave you a brief overview of general info on Sweden in the Gothenburg Guide already, so let me get right in there… Notes on the side Stockholm is a beautiful city just to wander around so go out and explore! Be sure to hit Gamla Stan, the little island and old town where the little narrow streets and corners invite you to get lost. While the “main island” of Stockholm is great for some hip bars, restaurants, and the common…