Settle for more


To always settle for more

Tonight I had the most inspiring encounter. It moved me so much that I need to share it before I go to bed. Fynn and I went to this town event they have every Tuesday in Ketchum called “Ketch’em Alive”. There are food trucks, craft cocktails and ice cold craft beer on tap, and – most importantly – live music. People would bring their picnics, sit on the lawn on camping chairs and blankets or just dance to the music. One guess on what I was doing! After hooking us up with a Gin Basil Lemonade – there’s Basil and Lemon in there so it’s basically healthy, right? – we hit the “dancefloor”. The whole place was filled with this amazing positive energy. The music brought people together. From the white-blonde four-year-old to the white-haired 84-year-old, from the hippie-moms to the Polish work-n-travel-teens, the ex-cowboys to the all American girls in the booty…