cacao ceremony


My first time at a New Moon Cacao Ceremony

So as many of you know I am doing a semester abroad in magical Tel Aviv. I am saying magical because this place sure does feel like there is some unique energy flowing. The “spiritual scene” is huge, so many yogis and lovely spirits wandering around. Obviously, little me got sucked right in and I participated in my first Cacao Ceremony on the night of New Moon on Saturday. Wonderful Victoria, a fantastic yoga teacher,  who shares not only my name but also my love for New York, Tel Aviv, and mindfulness, hosted the event at OrYoga here in Tel Aviv. I myself am only at the beginning of my spiritual journey, attracting knowledge and learning constantly about the wonders of the universe we carry inside us. I want to share these experiences with you. You may laugh at this. You may feel confused. You may feel uncomfortable. But my wish is,…