MASE Application

Hi, I’m Tori.

Welcome to my application to the Miami Ad School Art Direction program and the Master of Science in Business Management (M.Sc.) at Steinbeis SMI Berlin. 

On this page let me show you some Creative Samples of where my head takes me at times.

You want to find out more about my professional experience?
Then please follow me here.
For the second assignment please feel free to pet the dog:

Sustainability and especially Fair Fashion is a topic that’s very close to my heart. When the assignment to produce an explanation video came in it was clear, that this was going to be my thing. My friend Lotti and I wrote a script, she got behind and I in front of the camera. After she had recorded the background text in the university’s radio studio, I took care of the cut. 

At university, I discovered a great passion of mine that for a few years was the channel for most of my creative energy: podcasting. What started with a Monday morning morning-show grew into a cooperation with Radio Alex in Berlin, a show on university politics and, the cherry on top, Sugarbabes, of which I’d like to present a sample to you here.

One of my favorite pieces I published with the online platform EDITION F. 

Loving to discover new media I got into web design over the years. Starting a blog as a teenager I experimented with Blogger, Tumblr. and My baby is the very page you are on – – that I turned from a blog to a website. Feel free to roam around and explore!

The most professional piece is probably this website:

My passion for web design made me want to understand more, which is why I’m learning Fullstack Web Development with Le Wagon in Barcelona at the moment. We just started learning front end development, but in case you’re interested in what I built here so far, feel free to check out my github!

The typical artsy kid, no magazine, no case of colors, no pencil and especially no piece of paper is ever really safe from me. I taught myself how to use photoshop so I could translate my ideas in other ways. Here a glimpse of my projects so far with pen and paper…

…as well as digitally.

Thank you for your time and attention!