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Experiencing the healing powers and universal energy of Reiki

As promised, I want to let you take part in my journey discovering the “spiritual world”. Ever since I arrived in Tel Aviv I feel like everything has been falling into place. A beautiful example for this is my experience with becoming my Reiki attunement.  My dear friend Victoria, who had already introduced me to magical things like the cacao ceremony and the upcoming Midburn festival, told me about the healing powers of Reiki at one of our lunch dates at Anastasia. Reiki can be translated as Universal Life Energy. A balancing, intelligent, harmonizing energy that heals on all levels: the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Knowing this was something I wanted to learn I turned to Ecosia (it’s like google but planting trees) and searched for the next available training for Reiki one. There are three steps to becoming a Reiki master. In  Reiki One you learn everything you need…

My first time at a New Moon Cacao Ceremony

So as many of you know I am doing a semester abroad in magical Tel Aviv. I am saying magical because this place sure does feel like there is some unique energy flowing. The “spiritual scene” is huge, so many yogis and lovely spirits wandering around. Obviously, little me got sucked right in and I participated in my first Cacao Ceremony on the night of New Moon on Saturday. Wonderful Victoria, a fantastic yoga teacher,  who shares not only my name but also my love for New York, Tel Aviv, and mindfulness, hosted the event at OrYoga here in Tel Aviv. I myself am only at the beginning of my spiritual journey, attracting knowledge and learning constantly about the wonders of the universe we carry inside us. I want to share these experiences with you. You may laugh at this. You may feel confused. You may feel uncomfortable. But my wish is,…

To always settle for more

Tonight I had the most inspiring encounter. It moved me so much that I need to share it before I go to bed. Fynn and I went to this town event they have every Tuesday in Ketchum called “Ketch’em Alive”. There are food trucks, craft cocktails and ice cold craft beer on tap, and – most importantly – live music. People would bring their picnics, sit on the lawn on camping chairs and blankets or just dance to the music. One guess on what I was doing! After hooking us up with a Gin Basil Lemonade – there’s Basil and Lemon in there so it’s basically healthy, right? – we hit the “dancefloor”. The whole place was filled with this amazing positive energy. The music brought people together. From the white-blonde four-year-old to the white-haired 84-year-old, from the hippie-moms to the Polish work-n-travel-teens, the ex-cowboys to the all American girls in the booty…