This summer I ended up for not even twenty-four hours in Salt Lake City – the capital city of Utah – three times. The city and it’s scene is definitely worth more than twenty-four hours but I will give my best to give you a little glimpse of the desert’s metropolis…


So let’s begin with the important things. THE most important thing in the day, if you ask me: breakfast. I fell in love with this local café and brewery that I dragged my boyfriend as well as both my sisters there. And even my parents, who we just brought toasts for the road where delighted!

The Publik Kitchen Brewery has three branches spread over SLC, one of them being more of a restaurant, the other ones focusing on the coffee.

If you are not restricted by allergies (like I am) and not too worried about calorie-counting (oughta occur) go for their French Toast! It is everything you could ever ask for from French Toast brought to sparkling perfection with the best cinnamon butter on top.

Besides that all their other toast-options are amazing. You can build your own with a broad variety of options or go for their pre-arranged creations.

What I, personally, (as a dysfunctional foodie) love about this place:

  • bottomless tea & coffee
  • delicious gluten free bread
  • coconut milk as an option (being intolerant to cowmilk, almonds, oats and soy this is a dream-come-true)
  • a really cool crowd for people watching

My go to here is a gf toast with goatcheese, marmalade or honey (order on the side) and an egg over easy on top. Note: they only have eggs at their prime location. 

What to do: Stroll thru Temple Square

Many people who encountered Utah or SLC in one way or the other bring it in close relation to the religion of Mormonism. No matter what your approach to church, spirituality or religion is, I feel like Temple Square is definitely worth a visit. If you’re not Mormon, you won’t be allowed to go into the Temple but the whole Square and it’s other buildings are open to the public. Here you can stroll around, take tours or talk to the friendly sisters and brothers of the Church of Latter Day Saints – another name the Mormons refer to. It is wonderful how open and interested they are in making an interesting conversation – if you are open for it too.

I personally feel like there is no one right or wrong religion in general, but everyone has to find their path, their truth for themselves. I found out that Mormonism probably is not for me, but at the same time I am fascinated by and happy for the people who found their truth within this belief.

What to do: Find your roots

Besides the temple, the mormons „office building“ and (…) there is a Museum located at Temple Square that’s pretty interesting for anyone interested and willing to find out more about their past. This one is actually my sister’s recommendation, as I did not make it here.

What to do: Museum of Natural History and Botanical Gardens

These two highlights are located so close to each other that you can easily fit them into an afternoon. If you are up to find out more about the area’s history (speaking dinosaurs and Native Americans) the museum is a must. As I personally count the American Museum of Natural History in NYC to one of my all time favorites let me just say, that you should not get too excited for this one…

Food: Zest Kitchen

As I said, I did not spend more than twenty-four hours in SLC which is the reason why I can only give you one more food recommendation. But: it is a truly great one! At least if you are into healthy (vegan) food and get excited for new creations as I do! For the first time in about a year I sat in a restaurant and could not decide on what to eat because actually almost everything on the menu suited my intolerances! That meant ordering without making changes about the dish! Whoever joined me for a meal in the last few month may understand way this has me so excited…

My fave view at dinner: my lovely sister 🙂

Besides that I learned pretty quick that Utah’s capitol is a foodie heaven in the Wild West. There are tons of healthy options and local restaurants. This may have to do with the city’s young, vivid crowd. By far not all of it’s inhabitants are Mormon, even if the city’s vibe is clearly influenced by the religion’s structures, such as it’s tidiness for instance.

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