Tonight I had the most inspiring encounter. It moved me so much that I need to share it before I go to bed.

Fynn and I went to this town event they have every Tuesday in Ketchum called “Ketch’em Alive”. There are food trucks, craft cocktails and ice cold craft beer on tap, and – most importantly – live music. People would bring their picnics, sit on the lawn on camping chairs and blankets or just dance to the music. One guess on what I was doing!

After hooking us up with a Gin Basil Lemonade – there’s Basil and Lemon in there so it’s basically healthy, right? – we hit the “dancefloor”.

The whole place was filled with this amazing positive energy.

The music brought people together. From the white-blonde four-year-old to the white-haired 84-year-old, from the hippie-moms to the Polish work-n-travel-teens, the ex-cowboys to the all American girls in the booty shorts, everyone was the same: plain happy. Happy the sun was out. Happy the music was good. Happy to be there.

Right there in this place at that moment. Dancing.

Between two song a middle-aged Indian man walked passed me and said:

You look more beautiful every time I see you.

I was confused because I thought I was supposed to know him or maybe he confused me with someone. Fynn stood up next to me as an instant, protective but friendly and open to what this man had to say. The man turned to him, shaked his hand and explained how in his culture there were two words for love. One is the love without lust, the love a mother has for its child, the love a brother has to his sister. The other is the one, where love and lust both exist. Unfortunately, as the music had started again, I could not properly understand what these words were.

Then he turned to me, smiled gently and looked me in the eyes:

Always remember to settle for more.

He blessed both of us and went on. Happy and calm. The conversation, the encounter was not creepy or inappropriate at all. I saw the man walk around the event a little more, rounded but slightly floating, light-hearted and softly smiling. When Fynn and I were on our way home after the event was over I turned to him.

I think that was an angel. I  think that man came to Ketchum tonight to get powered by the positive energy and to spread love and inspiration. To make sure we stay on our tracks.

This has nothing to do with any religious beliefs or god or superstition. This man was probably a normal Indian dude who may or may not have had one drink too many or smoked something wrong – or right – in the heat of this beautiful summer night. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he gave me that message.

To always settle for more.

Settling for more is a contradiction in itself. To “settle” means to slow down, stay where you are, have a base. Which is good, but when you settle you decided to stay where you are. Contrary “more” means that you can not settle because there is still something out there for you to chase – always. So you need to settle on wanting more. Dream big. Think big.

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