After sharing my excitement for gorgeous Park City with you a week ago, I am now a week older and wiser and know: Utah does not only have some gorgeous cities to offer (watch out, Salt Lake City), but also stuns with its unique nature.

Most people know Utah through Zion Nationalpark and Bryce Canyon, Moad and the famous Arches that are to be found on their license plates. But there are so much more gems hidden throughout the state!

Ready for Dinosaurs: The town of Vernal

This town is the legit home of dinosaurs. Or should I say ex-home? What I learned about myself: dinosaurs kind of bore me. I mean, their bones do. They’re just bones… But still, seeing a full-sized canyon wall packed with bones of all kinds of raptors was kinda impressive. Best roadsign I saw: And the pink dinosaur at the town’s entrance obviously filled me with joy!

“Don’t join the fossils – buckle up!”

And the pink dinosaur at the town’s entrance obviously filled me with joy!

Additionally, the landscape around Vernal is breathtaking. We got to do quite some hiking and you could really feel the echo of the dinosaurs.

It wasn’t only dinosaurs but also Native Americans who uncovered the beauty of Utah’s north. Near Sadie McConkie’s ranch, we got to hike up the canyon to see some of the petroglyphs they left. Sadie is an old lady who lived on this ranch all her life. Her ranch is open to the public and she displays tons of old arrowheads and other treasures she and her family collected on their property (which includes the canyon!) over the years. Can you imagine calling a canyon your land?!

Secret hideouts at McConkie Ranch

The Natives in this part of the country were head hunters – in the most literal sense!

The trails at McConkie Ranch

Discovering my inner camper: Red Fleet State Park

In the evening I grabbed my diary and took some time off to write – only concentrating on writing is hard with a view like this one!
Dinner at camping, I could live with that!

The best part about camping: SMORES!

Moonshine Arch

Most people know the Arches National Park with all its beauty. But there are so many other beautiful creations of wind out there. Moonshine Arch for instance…

This lovely couple made it part of their job to give tourists a rollercoaster-like drive up the canyon to the arch

The best place for basically anything: Flaming Gorge




Anyone scared of heights?


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