Juli 2017


To always settle for more

Tonight I had the most inspiring encounter. It moved me so much that I need to share it before I go to bed. Fynn and I went to this town event they have every Tuesday in Ketchum called “Ketch’em Alive”. There are food trucks, craft cocktails and ice cold craft beer on tap, and – most importantly – live music. People would bring their picnics, sit on the lawn on camping chairs and blankets or just dance to the music. One guess on what I was doing! After hooking us up with a Gin Basil Lemonade – there’s Basil and Lemon in there so it’s basically healthy, right? – we hit the “dancefloor”. The whole place was filled with this amazing positive energy. The music brought people together. From the white-blonde four-year-old to the white-haired 84-year-old, from the hippie-moms to the Polish work-n-travel-teens, the ex-cowboys to the all American girls in the booty…

Falling in love with Utah’s wild side

After sharing my excitement for gorgeous Park City with you a week ago, I am now a week older and wiser and know: Utah does not only have some gorgeous cities to offer (watch out, Salt Lake City), but also stuns with its unique nature. Most people know Utah through Zion Nationalpark and Bryce Canyon, Moad and the famous Arches that are to be found on their license plates. But there are so much more gems hidden throughout the state! Ready for Dinosaurs: The town of Vernal This town is the legit home of dinosaurs. Or should I say ex-home? What I learned about myself: dinosaurs kind of bore me. I mean, their bones do. They’re just bones… But still, seeing a full-sized canyon wall packed with bones of all kinds of raptors was kinda impressive. Best roadsign I saw: And the pink dinosaur at the town’s entrance obviously filled me with…

Introducing: Red Wine and Cigarettes

I finally made it! I produced, processed and uploaded the first episode of my new podcast, Red Wine & Cigarettes. After releasing the first – german – episode last week I now, proudly (and a little scared) present the second episode of Red Wine & Cigarettes. All in English… let me know what you think in the comments!