I got so lucky – being a journalist is definitely my/a dream job! BigLife Magazine has sent me to a trip with Turner Media to explore northern Utah!

On-the-roading it, part one: Ketchum to Salt Lake City, 287 miles

Just me and the endless highways – to the horizon and beyond…

Utah is a state northern to Idaho, so it took me a good five hours to get from Ketchum – my current Homebase – to get to Salt Lake City, the capital of the state. Salt Lake is beautiful a and somewhat intense city. The streets are huge and parts of the city really set off the whole “Hunger Games”-vibe, with the big white Capitol building sitting enthroned on the hill, watching over the city.

Is it just me or is this somewhat intimidating majestic?!

Here I met the whole group, there’s eight of us, five out of these people being journalists. We’re all from all over the place but mostly the American West, so I’m the only international one.

From Salt Lake City it took us a 45-minute ride to get to Park City – a place you really don’t want to miss on your trip! We just wandered down the Historic Main Street and I got chills, feeling like in a fusion of a film set and the real-life Old West. The turn-of-the-century character buildings are all colorful but subtle at the same time. It kind of reminded me of the Italian playfulness in terms of color, just way neater and all-wooden. The Historic Main Street Hosts a lot of great Art Galleries and cute little shops.

Pit Stop in Park City

One of the most beautifully curated galleries which belongs to a beautiful boutique called Olive & Tweed

Some of my favorite artworks

This inconspicuous gem of a building used to be a schoolhouse and was now turned into an enchanted little boutique hotel – on top of the list for honeymoon destinations 😉

After a delicious lunch at the High West Distillery (I really have to up my food-photography game) they gave us this great tour of their distillery where they’re distilling all these amazing spirits. Apparently, we got them all packed up for camping tomorrow, so that should be fun!

The tour consolidated my impression of Utah being a nice home for hipsters…

From Park City, it took us another three-hour drive through the spacious wilderness of Utah to get to Vernon, aka Dinosaur-Town! Here we got dinner at the Vernon Brewing Company (mountain-people love themselves a good brew, that’s for sure!) and saw this beautiful open air town production of Singing in the Rain. 

Vernon, Utah: where the Dinosaurs lived happily ever after – or not.

Check out the Insta-stories at amazing @BigLife_magazine for more live updates of my adventures
American Dinner for people with food-obstructions: Burgers w/out bread

Tomorrow we will dive into the whole dinosaur-experience and go camping – no phone reception whatsoever. Digital detox, here I come!

So here I am, always up for new adventures – check out @biglife_magazine (especially their stories) and their upcoming Fall issue for the whole experience and more stories!

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